Super Simple Server
The best way to create your web site.


Super Simple Server is a compact all-in-one program that makes it very easy to create and host a simple web site on any computer.  Content management is automatic and secure, so you don't have to know HTML or how to write code.  The standard HTTP, HTTPS, ACME, DNS, and DDNS protocols are all supported, which means all you need to provide is a computer, and you can be online within minutes.

Be In Full Control

By hosting your own web site, you are in 100% complete control over your data and your content.  You will never be at the mercy of some stranger thousands of miles away that decides to ban your account on a whim.  You will never have to show someone else's advertisements around your own content.  Every single pixel of your web site can be customized to your tastes.

It's Easy To Get Your Site Online

Use a Dynamic DNS Service
If you don't have a static IP, this is one of the best ways to get online.  There are several free DDNS services that will assign you a subdomain that is continuously updated by Super Simple Server when your home IP changes.  Also, many domain registrars and regular DNS services provide a DDNS service that is compatible with Super Simple Server, so you can have your own .com always pointed at your home computer's IP.

Regular DNS on Static IP
If you have a static IP that never changes on your home computer, or if you rent an inexpensive VPS or other dedicated hosting with a static IP, you can easily get online with almost no pre-configuration at all.  Simply login to your domain registrar's online portal, setup a name server record pointing to your static IP, and Super Simple Server will take care of the rest.  A DNS zone will automatically be served from your static IP along with your web site.

Create a Tor .onion Site
This is a very easy and fast way to get a site online, without any of the hassles of registering an account on a DDNS service, or renting a VPS and registering a domain name.  Simply by downloading the standard Tor Browser Bundle, and following a few easy steps in our guide, you can be up and running in a few minutes.  A major benefit is that your site can not be censored, and your home IP is kept private.  However, for anyone who wants to access your site, a Tor browser is required.

External DNS
There are several services that can serve your DNS zones for a small monthly fee, and often provide extras like redundant servers located at many points around the world, and user-friendly update clients.  Or you might need to run a more complicated DNS server on the same machine.  Super Simple Server can be easily configured to serve any web site via HTTP and/or HTTPS without listening on DNS port 53.

Important Features To Consider

Stand-Alone Operation, No Extra Dependencies
Just a simple .exe for Windows platforms, or an ELF binary for Linux platforms.  There is no need to install additional libraries, DLLs, or RPMs.  Simply download and run.

Powerful Content Management
You can create new pages on your site simply by going to the desired URL and clicking the Create link.  Images and video are easily uploaded and inserted into pages with a simple tag format, and a full set of text-formatting methods are available.  Incoming and outgoing RSS feeds can be easily managed, with advanced features such as custom filters and group aggregation.

Built-In Chat and Forums
Any page can have it's own chat room, placed anywhere on the page simply by using a [chat/] tag.  Chat rooms have a host of moderation controls, and can even allow images and videos to be displayed.  Full-featured forums can be created at any base URL, and can include images and video as well.

Full Moderation And User Control
Super Simple Server was created from the ground-up to be very flexible when it comes to control over user-generated content.  A full set of user levels is available, which can be used to regulate who gets to post content with and without prior moderator approval, who can administer the moderators, and who controls the overall site operation.

Create Deep File Repositories
New file directories can be created with ease.  Browsing, uploading, and downloading are very simple, even with multiple files.   New uploads can be moderated before they are publicly available.  The files are stored on the host computer as-is, and existing file libraries on the host computer can easily be linked-in and made available online within seconds.

JavaScript Not Required
Anyone that browses your site will be happy to notice that no scripting is required.  We have made every effort to ensure that the HTML generated from your content is fast, light, and efficient, with NO outside scripts or dependencies at all.  We have also tried to maximize compatibility with old browsers such as Internet Explorer.

Fully Private Software, No Phoning Home
Super Simple Server absolutely does not phone home any telemetry or do any other data-harvesting B.S.  There is no auto-update to be exploited.  There is only a simple 'check for update' option in the GUI, that checks a page on our web site once a week for a flag that will trigger a notification popup to remind the user to update manually.

No Ads, No Spyware, No Nonsense
This software is 100% free, with no strings attached.  It was created by an independent developer with a 20+ year track record of providing absolutely free top-quality apps.  Voluntary donations from users like you help keep the project alive.



Super Simple Server supports virtually any Windows or Linux platform.

If you are hosting your site on a modern 64-bit computer, see the standard 64-Bit Downloads.

If you are hosting on an older 32-bit computer, we have special 32-Bit Downloads.

Help & Support

If you need help setting up your site, or want to try more advanced tags and formatting features, see our support site at  We also have a forum available at

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