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March 20, 2020

Version 1.18 is now available.  The following changes were made:

• the page change log at https://yoursite.example/?log now shows any pages currently needing moderation with a pending flag
• other minor adjustments to the page change log
• new options log:combined and log:common in config/yoursite.example/0_site/settings/server.txt
• default logging location is config/yoursite.example/0_site/logs/http.txt
• logging location can be changed using log_file:/path/to/file in config/yoursite.example/0_site/settings/server.txt
• in Transfers view in GUI version, the tooltips in the Address column show the IP location
• settings file at config/0_settings/server.txt now correctly supports upnp:0 option to disable UPNP / NAT-PMP
• fixed uptime display problems in admin pages

It is important to update your templates using your web browser.  Navigate to the Admin section for your site, at https://yoursite.example/admin/template/update, then click the Update button at the bottom.  There have been important changes to the log template.

Thanks for using Super Simple Server!

March 14, 2020

Version 1.17 is now available.  This is a major update with several improvements:

• fully re-written History view
• page versions can be diffed against each other from the History view
• pages or files can be disabled by users with Mod or higher access level
• pages or files can be trashed by users with Admin access level
• trashed pages or files will be sent to the operating system's Trash or Recycle Bin folders
• if operating system does not have Trash or Recycle Bin, trashed items will be sent to 0_site/trash within site folder
• page updates with no changes are blocked
• fully re-written Log view, better display of missing or disabled files
• better moderation controls to approve / disable / delete items in Log view and History view
• fixed problems with icons on some Windows 7 systems
• minor bandwidth chart display problems fixed
• in GUI version Transfers view, improved tooltips for User and Request columns to show access level, user-agent, and full headers
• a few other minor GUI improvements and adjustments

It is important to update your templates using your web browser.  Navigate to the Admin section for your site, at yoursite.example/admin/template/update, then click the Update button at the bottom.  There have been important changes to the history and browse templates, and there is also a new diff template.

Thanks for using Super Simple Server!

February 18, 2020

Version 1.16 is now available.  There have been many improvements:

• better bandwidth chart rendering in yoursite.example/admin/bandwidth
• selectable time ranges for bandwidth charts in yoursite.example/admin/bandwidth
• bandwidth history is saved to disk between sessions
• bandwidth history can go back over a year
• fully revised GUI bandwidth charts
• time lines and labels in GUI bandwidth charts
• right-click GUI bandwidth charts for several options
• fixed problems with startup crash and icon rendering caused by a recent Windows 7 update
• several RSS/Atom feed fixes, BitChute and Reddit feeds work well now
• minor fixes to bandwidth accounting to make charts more accurate
• optimizations to SSL routines to improve throughput
• a few other minor GUI tweaks

We have several more improvements in the works.  There will be another release soon.

Thanks for using Super Simple Server!

June 26, 2019

Version 1.15 has been released.  There have been many improvements.

A new site template updater has been added to the Admin > Template section of all sites.  This will allow pages in the /template section of existing sites to be updated to newer versions if they haven't already been customized.  This is important because new features sometimes require updates to one or more template files to be fully functional.  Make sure you run the updater on all your sites.

There is a new system for easily creating content pages from uploaded video/audio/image files.  Simply go to yoursitename/?new and you can make a new media page simply by uploading the file and then inputting desired title, description, tags, and optional thumbnail image.  Newly created sites will have a link for this on the front page marked "New".

A new tagging system has been created.  In any page, you can use the [tags]something, another tag, anything[/tags] format to specify tags for that page.  Use [tags show=1] to make them visible as clickable links, which then list other pages with the same tag.

An advanced recommendation system has been created.  In any page, add [recommend/] toward the bottom of the page.  This will list other recommended pages within your site, based on the tags from pages the user has visited this session.  We are working on a system to federate sites within this system, and there will be further updates to the algorithms in future releases.

In the top-right corner of most pages, there is now a link to add an item to the front page.  This link is only visible if there is an [items] tag on the front page, and the user has permission to ?add on the front page.  This also depends on the /template/title template page being up to date.

The permission system has been slightly reconfigured to allow moderated creation of new content pages.  A user that doesn't have permission to make public changes can still create new pages via the usual ?new or ?create, but the page will not be visible to anyone besides that user and moderators.  The history section at the new page URL will display there being no current page, which can be easily set by the moderator later.

There have also be several other minor changes and additions:

• added file system usage diagnostic charts to the GUI version, available within Help > Diagnostics
• new Auto-Start and Auto-Shutdown, available by right-clicking the tray icon or top main view buttons
• minor changes to the chat feature, including better focus management
• a few minor fixes to the built-in ACME client
• forum topics list now has additional links at the bottom for administrator functions
• fixed potential crash in Windows GUI treeviews
• all GUI controls now correctly scale on high-resolution 4K displays
• corrected some entries in the mime-types database
• improvements to bandwidth charting within the GUI
• a few minor corrections in some of the /template pages
• several other minor GUI fixes

Development and documentation efforts are ongoing.  Please stay tuned.

Thanks for using Super Simple Server!

Feb 19, 2019

Version 1.14 is now available.

Jan 12, 2019

Website is online.

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